Mississippi Children's Museum

Museum Guidelines

MCM asks all visitors to respect the museum and other visitors to the museum. The guidelines and rules listed below are to help make everyone’s experience at MCM the most enjoyable and inspirational possible! Also there are some helpful tips listed to help prepare you for your visit.

Museum Guidelines and Rules:

  • ALL children must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • We ask that all adults be accompanied by a child. To truly appreciate all that MCM has to offer, you must experience the most inspirational place imaginable with a child!
  • Visitors may leave and return using their wrist bands on the same day of purchase.
  • For your safety, shoes must be kept on at all times (except on Run, Jump, Stick).
  • Food and beverages are permitted only in the Red Rocket Café.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the museum.
  • Please refrain from loitering, running, or blocking the ramps, walkways, or entryways.
  • Abusive and obscene language is prohibited.
  • The Mississippi Children’s Museum is a tobacco free campus.
  • Weapons are not permitted on Museum property.
  • Please be courteous to the visitors around you.

Exhibit Guidelines and Rules:

  • Parents are encouraged to play in the exhibits with their children.
  • Return all props to their proper place after playing with them.
  • Hang all costumes up after playing dress up.
  • Remember that no food or drink is allowed in the exhibit areas.
  • Please take your artwork home or place it in the provided recycle boxes.
  • Be gentle with our museum so we can keep it beautiful for a long time.

 Museum Tips:

  • Bring a light jacket, even in the summer months. The museum stays cool year round.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. There is plenty of seating for adults while children play, but you could do a lot of standing and walking with your little visitors at the exhibits.