Mississippi Children's Museum

Executive Committee

2018-19 MCM Partners Board of Directors Executive Committee

President: Alicen Blanchard

President-Elect: Melanie Burrow

Past President: Kim Porter

Secretary: Frances Croft

Vice-President of Finance: Amye Bell

Vice President of Hospitality: Blair Hederman

Vice President of Fundraising: Lindsay Buford

Vice President of Membership: Amanda Overby

Vice President of Promotions: Swayze Pentecost

Vice-President of Meridian: Beth Whitehead

Vice-President of Finance and Membership: Hallie Swindoll

Vice-President of Outreach: Amanda Murphy

Vice-President of Fundraising: Lindsey Aull

Vice-President of Promotion: Patty Ann Bogue

Volunteer Placement: Joanna McNeel

Staff Recognition Chair: Anne Dulske

Family Literacy Dinners: Amberly Collins

Annual Meeting Chair: Crisler Boone

Discovery Night Chairs: Jeannie Hood and Elizabeth Meadows

Ignite the Night Chair: Kendall Ellis

Neon Night Chairs: Mary Wesson Sullivan and Coby Parker

Advisors: Libba Wilkes, Mary Preston Dubberly, and Janet Spain

Records Chair: Malinda Warren

By-Laws Chair: Gretchen Gentry