Doc McStuffins exhibit at the Mississippi Children's Museum.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins


Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit immerses children and families in the Doc McStuffins universe of stories and characters. It features the McStuffins Toy Hospital environment and offers families an opportunity to explore the hospital, assume doctor play roles, and help solve problems, all while learning lessons about healthy habits, empathy, and nurturing care.

Doc McStuffins: The Exhibit is produced by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and presented by Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. Disney character live appearances are not part of the exhibit. © Disney

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Doc McStuffins Playground

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During Doc McStuffins, visitors will experience all elements of this educational exhibits including:

A Toysponder Portal and Backyard Clinic: 

  • Reception Desk


  • Naptime Routine
  • Filcker Firefly Nightlights
  • Bath Time, Diaper Change, and Feeding

Pet Vet:

  • CAT Scan Check-up
  • Bath Time and Grooming
  • Toy Recharge
  • Fish Tank Cleaning
  • Feed Toy Fish
  • Pet Shelters


  • Check-up Station
  • Big Book of Boo Boos
  • Sewing Seams
  • Scrub Sink
  • Toy Operation
  • Air Pump