Question It? Discover It!

Question It? Discover It!


Welcome to Question It? Discover It!

Visit MCM at Home for monthly videos bringing Question It? Discover It! (QI?DI!) to your living room! This program is designed to provide children and families with opportunities to learn about healthy habits through fun, engaging activities, with the support and guidance of medical professionals. QI?DI! is sponsored by Children’s of Mississippi, a part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center


Tune in for this September’s Question It? Discover It! as we learn how important it is for blood to continue moving through your body, and how it is transported to each organ through veins and arteries!


Join us for this month’s Question It? Discover It! as Dr. Lir-Wan Fan and Dr. Norma Ojeda teach us about germs! Germs are microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease. Because germs are so tiny, they must be viewed under a microscope in order to be seen! Follow along as we learn about germs, and get a close look at what bacteria looks like under a microscope.

MAY 2021

In this May’s QI?DI!, we are taking safety seriously! Hear from health professionals about how you can stay safe this summer! Visit our page to explore our Question? Discover It! program, and view our online resources!

APRIL 2021

In this month’s QIDI, we are breaking down carbohydrates! Explore carbohydrates such a sugar, fructose, galactose, and more. Click below to explore our online resource!


In this February’s QI?DI!, we are learning about how important heart health is! Since February is “Heart Month,” we will be sharing tips on how to keep your heart happy and healthy. 

Presenters: UMMC School of Nursing students Sarah Tillery and Miranda Price

Heart Healthy Tips:

  1. 1. Exercise one hour daily
  2. 2. Eat a healthy dinner
  3. 3. Drink plenty of water
  4. 4. Eat less Sugar


In this month’s QIDI, your child will learn what the lungs are, how they work, and ways to keep your lungs healthy! Click below to download our Activity Sheets!


In this activity, your child will learn how to extract DNA from strawberries using safe and common household items. DNA is usually too small to see with our eyes, but like magic we will make it appear! As we work on our activity we will talk about common traits that you can ask your family members about during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The adults in your family can use this time to learn more about the different health issues in your family by creating a family health portrait.

October 2020

In this month’s QIDI, your child will learn how wearing a mask can be safe AND fun!