Mississippi Children's Museum

Why a Children’s Museum?


celebrating childhood

CHALLENGE:  In today’s increasingly hectic world, childhood, more and more, is being compressed and children are being pushed to learn far more far earlier.

RESPONSE:  Children’s museums recognize that children learn very differently from adults and also recognize that how learning takes place changes over time as children grow.  Because of this, children’s museums prioritize creating exhibits, experiences, and programs that are developmentally appropriate and meet children where they are.

THE MCM WAY:  MCM puts children at the center of everything we do.  We start with this question, “What do children find fascinating?”  When children are captivated by what they experience, they not only will engage more deeply but their natural curiosity will flourish.  This is how meaningful learning takes place. Sparking this curiosity opens the way for children to develop into healthy, lifelong learners.


building resources together

CHALLENGE:  Resources that educate, care for, and support children are being stretched thin by economic demands which require organizations to do more with less.

RESPONSE:  Children’s museums collaborate with educational, social service, and other community-based organizations to build creative resources that improve quality of life and strengthen the communities they serve.

THE MCM WAY:  From the very beginning, MCM has brought experts to the museum to share their knowledge and skills, reached out to educators to provide enrichment activities that enhance classroom learning, and partnered with fellow cultural organizations to create joint programming and outreach opportunities.  MCM is committed to developing partnerships that empower children and their caregivers.  By working together, we believe we truly can make a lasting difference.


exploring potential

CHALLENGE:  With technology advancing at an ever-rapid pace and the world constantly and, sometimes, dramatically changing in response, predicting the kinds of skills and tools that children will need for 21st century success has become increasingly difficult.

RESPONSE:  Working from current educational and child development research, children’s museums understand that play fosters creativity and innovation. Through play, children’s museums encourage children to embrace their innate curiosity, develop their talents, and explore untapped potential in unlimited ways.

THE MCM WAY:  At MCM, we believe that children have an extraordinary capacity for innovation. Because of this, we incorporate inquiry-based learning into all aspects of the museum.  Allowing children the space to independently explore, experiment, and investigate their questions without the fear of being “wrong” gives them the opportunity to develop into the flexible thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and inventive doers we need in our 21st century world.