Instructional Programs


MCM was built with a mission to improve the health and literacy of Mississippi’s children because the two go hand-in-hand. The hands-on programs we offer at MCM involve children in making good choices in a fun and interactive way, which is the best way for them to remember what they’ve learned. Our interactive, multi-disciplinary programs make concepts introduced and developed in the classroom come alive in our thematic galleries. Our programs are based in three focus areas, health, literacy, and STEAM. 

All programs are an additional $3.00 per student unless otherwise noted.


Connecting to state and national standards in literacy, STEAM, and health is MCM’s specialty. The Education and Programs Department at MCM strives to make each experience fun while providing children with substantive material that enhances the standards that are tested in Mississippi’s assessment programs. Each field trip, outreach program, and professional development opportunity is immersed in educational concepts. Allowing children to make connections to these standards in an informal learning environment reinforces what they are learning in the classroom in a hands-on, tactile way that no child will forget.


If you can’t visit MCM or you’ve visited and want to share the experience with more students, our hands-on educational experiences at your school, church, camp, or special event are the perfect solution. Most MCM programs are offered for outreach visits, in addition to our traveling exhibits. Contact our education coordinator at 601-709-8962 for available programs and pricing.

Fit for Fun

Fit for Fun is a fun-filled, care-free time for our groups to have healthy fun through exercise, dance, music, and other activities. Fit for Fun introduces children to small changes that they can implement now that will make big differences as they grow, including becoming more physically active. Our goal is to play a role in reversing the trend of childhood obesity, one generation at a time – with a benefit of improved behavior and academic performance in school. Sponsored by Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. Appropriate for Pre Kindergarten – 5th graders.

Get Heart Smart

This program is designed to educate children about key facets of heart health, through an innovative and interactive program model. Students will experience the circulatory system like never before—as a blood cell! As the “blood cells” travel through the larger-than-life heart and lungs floor map, students will learn about the anatomy of the heart, its primary functions, and the role the circulatory system plays in overall health. This program will also educate students about life choices that help or harm their hearts. Get Heart Smart is presented by Jackson Heart Foundation. Appropriate for 1st – 5th graders.

Journey of Digestion

Children will take a journey into the digestive system through a hands-on demonstration and activity. Afterward, children can visit our larger-than-life Gastro Climber exhibit in our Healthy Fun gallery to become a food particle, travel through the digestive system, and learn what happens to food after it is swallowed. Appropriate for Kindergarten – 3rd graders.

Dr. Seuss

Get moving to Dr. Seuss as MCM presents a Dr. Seuss themed Fit for Fun program. After reading from a Dr. Seuss favorite, students will get up and get moving with activities based on some of Dr. Seuss’s favorite characters and books, like a green egg race. Fit for Fun is sponsored by Mississippi Baptist Health Systems. Appropriate for Pre Kindergarten – 3rd graders.

Journey to the North Pole

(Only Available in December)

Journey to the North Pole (JNP) offers all guests a ticket to an engaging holiday experience featuring MCM’s popular exhibit. In addition to exploring the Journey to the North Pole exhibit, taking a ride down the Snowflake Slide (students MUST be at least 36” tall for this experience) and visiting the Reindeer Rink for sock skating (students MUST bring socks for this experience), the Journey to the North Pole field trip offers students an exclusive reading of a favorite holiday book and the opportunity to make a holiday ornament to take home.

Farm Bureau Spotlight

This inquiry-based program is designed to educate groups about the broad industry of agriculture, the many agriculture careers available, and how important it is in our day-to-day lives. Programs may feature any of the different aspects of agriculture, such as beekeeping, growing produce, the chemistry of food, veterinary medicine, farming, irrigation, the water cycle, forestry, fishing, and much more. Sponsored by Mississippi Farm Bureau. Appropriate for Kindergarten – 5th graders.


Dive into the world of technology with MCM’s coding program. Designed for groups with varying degrees of familiarity with coding, this program explores the basics behind code and allows children a chance to hone their coding skills with actual robots! Appropriate for Kindergarten – 5th graders.


Explore STEAM concepts in new and exciting ways with MCM’s Rigamajig program. This program, with its Rigamajig set, allows children to use their creativity to build unique objects. Using the design process, it is a fantastic hands-on tool to engage children and help them grow practical building skills with Rigamajig’s nuts and bolts system. Appropriate for Kindergarten – 5th graders.

Blender Bike

This experience combines three favorite activities for children: bike riding, cooking, and making art. Our Blender Bike with spin art attachment allows students to pedal their own spin art in a fun and creative manner, or make a delicious, nutritious treat. For field trip programming, we offer the spin art option, and as outreach, you may opt to do either experience or both. Appropriate for Prekindergarten – 3rd graders.

The Math Curse

This field trip turns the museum into a giant series of word problems. Students will be given a booklet upon their arrival and they must work together throughout the museum to solve word problems using their math skills and concepts like geometry, fractions, and pre-algebra relating mathematical operations to daily life. Appropriate for 2nd – 5th graders. This program is not available as outreach.