Mississippi Children's Museum


The Literacy Garden


The Enchanted Land of Story

Float with clouds across the sky,
Talk with trees and stones,
Explore a desert island,
Call a live oak home.
Discover a topsy-turvy world,
Under a mushroom ring,
Climb over a giant’s knee,
Hear the forest sing.
Play in dancing waters,
Visit a dragon’s lair;
Return and tell the story
Of what you did while there.

                                                   –Sherry Norfolk

Inspired by this concept poem, this outdoor learning and play space was designed to encourage language and reading skills development among children 0-8 years old. Whimsical, literary-inspired sculptures, innovative technology, and native plants along with an edible garden combine to pull children into the creative, limitless world of stories and imagination.  The Literacy Garden is intended not only to meet children’s need for outdoor play and to create a space where they and their caregivers can become collaborative learners but to expose them to elements which are critical for language and literacy acquisition so they can become the heroes of their own stories.