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Mississippi Science Fest


The LeFleur Museum District (LMD) invites you to attend a special STEM themed festival! On Saturday, September the 23rd, all four museums will host a day dedicated to promoting STEM subjects and increasing science literacy. Children and families will have the opportunity to interact with nationally renowned STEM professionals, engage in hands-on activities, and explore exciting experiments and exhibits.

On this special day, visitors can purchase a $10 ticket that will allow you to visit ALL FOUR museums and participate in the MS Science Fest!

In partnership with the MS Science Festival, the Mississippi Children’s Museum (MCM) invites you to attend a special STEM themed Field Trip Friday! On Friday, September the 22nd, MCM will host a day dedicated to promoting STEM subjects and increasing science literacy for our field trip guests. On this special day, your students will be some of the select few who have the opportunity to spend their field trip time interacting with nationally renowned STEM professionals and engaging in unique, hands on activities that align and connect directly to the science and math content taught in your classroom. Students on this Field Trip Friday will get an exclusive sneak preview into the exciting guests, experiments, exhibits and lessons brought into Jackson for Saturday’s MS Science Festival! Visit our field trip page for information on how to book today!

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  • Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum
  • Mississippi Children’s Museum
  • MDWF’S Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
  • Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Experts and special guests from science-based industries across the state provide hands-on experiences for children and families. By bringing these experts together, MSF is able to show the range of career opportunities that exist while also sparking participants’ curiosity, excitement, and interest.

*Please note that museum memberships will not be applicable on this date, as the $10 admission grants entry to all four LeFleur Museum District Museums: Mississippi Children’s Museum, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, and the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum!