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Ignite the Night: London Calling


Ignite the Night: London Calling

THANK YOU to the sponsors, all of those who attended Ignite the Night 2017, and those who donated time and energy, and the Ignite the Night Committee! MCM Partners’ 7th annual s fundraiser, Ignite the Night: London Calling!, on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

MCM Partners is the museum’s volunteer organization, dedicated to fundraising and supporting MCM for continuing its efforts in providing unparalleled experiences that ignite a thirst for knowledge and discovery in all children. MCM’s annual, adults-only fundraiser, Ignite the Night: London Calling helps fund field trip scholarships and museum operations, investing thousands of dollars into the next generation.

MCM Partners’ Signature Fundraiser

Once a year, the grown-ups take over the Mississippi Children’s Museum for a fantastic night of fun! On February 11, 2017, MCM Partners will be brought a British Invasion to MCM during Ignite the Night: London Calling! Mind the gap, cross the pond, and celebrate the life of London-town as you boogie to the beats of your favorite British music, nosh on fish and chips and other nibblers, and hobnob with some of London’s most colorful characters.

This event supports the museum in its efforts to inspire the children of Mississippi to discover and achieve their potential, and have fun as they learn and play inside an innovative place created just for them.

Thank you to our Ignite the Night 2017 sponsors!


2017 Ignite the Night Committee

Alicen Blanchard

Kendall Poole Ellis

Holly Morgan

Susan Burnham
Donna McCarthy

Alexandra Wilkes Long
Britney Wilkes Moss
Libba Wilkes

Laurel Miller Donahoo
Gretchen Gentry

Sarah Skelton

Paula Long

Amanda Overby, Chair
Kim Bowers
Ginger Whitwell

Kristin Allen

Beth Smith

Lisa Jeffcoat

Jenny Woodruff

Leigh Grady

Donna Doran

2017 Ignite the Night Hosts

Kelly and George Abdo
Sarah and John Adams
Kristin and Sidney Allen
Beth and John Allgood
Tyler Armstrong
Anna and Fred Asher
Mary and Rick Barr
Lisa and Mike Bemis
Lacey and Patrick Bergin
Joan and Tom Bertaut
Kim and Steven Bowers
Donna and Clark Bruce
The Honorable Governor Phil
and First Lady Deborah Bryant
Holly and Brooks Buchanan
Lindsay and Justin Buford
Susan and Steven Burnham
Melanie and Jamey Burrow
Karen and Charles Bush
Anne and Philip Chapman
Dawn and Dave Clements
Wendy and Jay Cole
Bethany Cooley
Hilary and Ben Craddock
Margaret and Brett Cupples
Rula and Samer Dabit
Laurel and Price Donahoo
Mary Preston and John Dubberly
Susan and Frank Duke
Anne and Mike Dulske
Kendall and Will Ellis

Cindy and Larry Field
Sara Hart and Gordon Fellows
Lisa and John Fletcher
Susan Margaret Floyd
Martha and Davis Frye
Michelle and Lake Garner
Susan and John Garrard
Gretchen and Curtis Gentry
Leigh and Andrew Grady
Bettye and James Graves
Beth and Nick Hansen
Margaret and Jimmy Hays
Elizabeth and Clay Hays
Olivia and Jerry Host
Tish and Haden Hughes
Lisa and Ben Jeffcoat
Jennifer and Peder Johnson
Betty and Martin Jue
Paula and Malcom Kemp
Farrah and Steve Kennedy
Crystal and Patrick Klar
Holly and Alan Lange
Alexandra and David Long
Paula and Mac Long
Janie and Steve Maloney
Abba and Claude Mapp
Donna and Jay McCarthy
Lisa and Charles McClintock
Sara Jane and Jeff McCrary
Chavanne and Jay McDonald
Cindy and Jim McGinnis

Lyn and David McMillin
Paul McNeill
Carolyn and Richard McRae, Jr.
Laurie McRee
Ashley and Hu Meena
Heather and Craig Montgomery
Britney and Jimbo Moss
Amanda and Scott Overby
Ashley and Wheeler Parker
Sherry and Richard Partridge
Beth and Chip Pickering
Mary and Alex Purvis
Sara and Bill Ray
Mitcie and Kirk Reid
Sarah Ross
Sheila Ross
Brian Rutledge and Robb Gray
Vicki and Sam Scott
Ricky and Marlena Simon
Sarah and Jeff Skelton
Beth and Steve Smith
Janet and Charlie Spain
Kristie and Jonathan Tabor
Carol Tatum
Lisa and Bill Thompson
Jan and Andrew Townes
Malinda and Jim Warren
Sarah Webb
Susan and Trey Weir
Ginger and Quentin Whitwell
Libba and Roy Wilkes
Ashley and Mark Willson
Sarah and Russell Young