Mississippi Children's Museum

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Communication and Emotions Day with Daniel Tiger

At Communication and Emotions Day, your children will learn all about the types of skills that can help them understand their feelings and those of their neighbors from a handful of community experts!

  • Upside Down Therapy’s Emily Suggs will demonstrate interactive play therapy that teaches children how to communicate their feelings and process them.
  • Community Problem Solvers, an amazing group of local high school students, will also join us to facilitate fun activities that promote positive, kind communication amongst children in an effort to decrease bullying.
  • And last but definitely not least, Genevieve C. Garrett, LCSW, MPH, CHES Social Worker III with UMMC’s the Center for the Advancement of Youth (CAY) will join us to talk with children and parents about positive communication and much more!

Daniel Tiger will also make a grand appearance to spend time with visitors – this is a special day you won’t want to miss!