Mississippi Children's Museum

Workshop Descriptions

Classroom Management, Professionalism and Ethics

Learn how to recognize and utilize the characteristics of an effective teacher. We will focus on organizing and managing an effective learning environment; learning principles; ethics in education and professionalism to promote an effective return on student learning.

How Does Your Garden Grow

Using the museum’s Literacy Gardenas a backdrop, teachers will experience an outdoor classroom and learn methods to bring the outdoors into their classroom. It will provide adaptable, cross-curricular and inquiry-based activities for teaching students about nature and conservation. Lessons will use science, literacy and mathematics to inspire a student’s imagination and utilize both creativity and critical thinking skills.

The Power of Nonfiction

The Power of Nonfiction explores inquiry-based lesson planning through the context of nonfiction literature. You will learn adaptable lesson ideas that promote the use of nonfiction for cross-curricular instruction, using creativity and critical thinking skills.

Mad About Math

During this workshop, you will explore mathematics concepts and new ways to introduce them in the classroom. This workshop brings math to life while providing affordable and adaptable resources for your classroom. You will be given tools to help you implement inquiry-based lesson plans with your students. This professional development workshop will make you mad about math!

Mississippi Milestones

Mississippi is home to many “firsts.”  Mississippi Milestones will look at events which are tied to Mississippi and investigate the impact they have had on our nation and the world in regards to economy, industry, science, social issues and more.

Wild About Reading

Explore the importance of auditory learning, learn teaching tactics for expressive teaching and use literature for cross-curricular instruction. This workshop uses visual and performing arts, and inexpensive technology to teach standards-based story elements to students.

Making a Makerspace in your Classroom

Making a Makerspace in your Classroom is a hands-on workshop that will address how teachers can promote inquiry-based learning by proving a makerspace in their classroom. We will explore guidelines for making a makerspace and how to create one on a limited budget. Educators will also go through a makerspace activity using the design cycle and prompt cards.