Mississippi Children's Museum

Executive Committee

2016-17 MCM Partners Board of Directors Executive Committee


President: Janet Spain

President-Elect: Kim Porter

Past President: Hope Bynum

Secretary: Paula Kemp

Vice-President of Finance: Lisa Thompson

Vice President of Membership: Lisa Bemis

Vice President of Promotions: Katy Agnew

Vice President of Fundraising: Margaret Cupples

Vice President of Hospitality: Malinda Warren

Advisors: Dana Stringer, Melanie Burrow and Lyn McMillin

Bylaws Chair: Beth Hansen

Youth Ambassador Co-chairs: Heather McCraney and Wendy Cole

Volunteer Placement Chair: Leigh Grady

Fall Festival Chair: Chavanne McDonald

Ignite the Night Chair: Alicen Blanchard

Neon Nights Chair: Nicole Rinaldi and Amye Bell

Staff Recognition Chair: Mary Preston Dubberly

2016 Annual Meeting Chair: Libba Wilkes