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When Night Dreams Puppet Performance

A very special performance of “When Night Dreams” will be presented at the Mississippi Children’s Museum on April 7th at 9:30 am and April 8 at 9:30 am. This performance is a production by Calliope Puppets.

“When Night Dreams” brings to life timeless tales of night from three cultures. In “The Night Troll”, from Iceland, a girl bravely sings to trick a hungry troll. The West African spider Anansi and his clever sons discover a beautiful ball of light in “Anansi and the Moon”. And “Coyote Places the Stars”, from the Navaho people of North America, tells why Coyote howls at night. The presentation features a unique style that reveals the puppeteer’s secrets, including live sand drawing for scenery in the final story.

Calliope Puppets’ founder and artistic director, Karen Konnerth, is a visual storyteller who has shared both stories and storytelling opportunities worldwide with children and adults through puppet theater performances, puppet workshops, and arts integrated school residencies. Karen writes shows, designs and builds puppets in a wide variety of techniques, and performs with live voice.

For more information about Calliope Puppets, visit their website. To book a field trip please contact MCM’s Assistant Director of Enrichment, Sheri Bradford, at

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