Mississippi Children's Museum

Workshop Descriptions

I Wonder?: Critical Thinking for Children

What makes something beautiful?  Is it ever okay to lie?  This workshop will teach you to guide students through critical thinking and develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Using puzzles, logic games, stories and pictures, I Wonder? examines child-friendly issues of aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics and social philosophy.  Developed with Professor Patrick Hopkins, Millsaps College Department of Philosophy, this exciting curriculum addresses deductive reasoning, art appreciation, compromise, making inferences, sequencing, and oral presentation skills.

Mad About Math

During this workshop, you will explore mathematics concepts, including geometry, arithmetic and algebra, and discover how they are applied in everyday life. This workshop brings math to life while providing affordable, adaptable resources for your classroom. You will be given tools to help you implement inquiry-based lesson plans with your students. This professional development workshop will make you mad about math!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?“ Using the museum’s new Literacy Garden as a backdrop, this professional development will immerse you in an outdoor classroom experience. Inquiry-based lesson plans relating to composting, earthworms, healthful choices, and healthful cooking will be presented, which can all relate back to literacy and mathematics. This workshop takes a truly cross-disciplinary approach to facilitating interesting lessons that will turn students into critical thinkers.

Wild About Reading

Fairytales and storybooks provide a rich, immersive context to explore literature, writing and the visual and performing arts.  In this workshop, you will explore the importance of auditory learning, learn teaching tactics for developing a narrative and explore how stories are particularly well suited for cross-curricular instruction. You will use visual and performing arts and inexpensive technology to teach standards-based story elements and writing to students.